Sunday, 22 November 2009

little ryan night skating


southam industrial estate

night time


old fridge

no light

little ryan

Monday, 16 November 2009

charlie todd - backside 180 - bilton school


charlie todd - backside 180ing a 7set long long ago when DNO was first formed as a crew not an interweb do-hickey...for a while bilton school was THE place to skate, benches, stairs from 2sets to 10 sets, roof gaps, lockers, handrails, lines fo days in that place

bit dogey tho...

also compleat shut down now - gutted

Monday, 19 October 2009

ryans work in progress - k grind biggie away


i'll get em nice one day but this will do me for now - just found this from a while ago


little dylan does runs in bromsgrove on demand


this kids seriously like 10 or 11 and is out skating hard most days, travels some where most weekends thanks to his dad (your a hero...) and is getting good for such a short chap - here he puts down an ollie down a 5 set, boardslide close to bailing but pulls himself back up into a fakie biggie - SKILLS at bromsgrove skatepark...

Monday, 12 October 2009

broken boards and the stranges kid in the world


i wish you could all meet butterz, he is genuinly a very strange person with a skate style thats equally odd... he dosen't own his own board but sessions most days on argos ones borrowed off whatever children are around or scraps other people chuck at him - anyway - varial flip on a buggered board...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

DNO in K.N. - geoff did...


a kickflip over the hip - if you pause this on the catch it looks soooo nice, fairly beefed up as well... probs coulda cleared one or two of the kids that always seem to inhabit the place

also shows the irralavence of the spine in that place - shoulda put another ledge in there instead... oh well

Saturday, 10 October 2009

more birmingham tings


above would be me nollie-ing a hip at kings norton on a recent DNO filming trip - more footage from the day soon...

stoke-on-trent ting and birmingham ting

have got new product - check it now, they have also moved into a new workshop which is looking cool...


i did this nosemanny at kings norton a while ago and after doing some food shoping and doing some washing up im going back down there and will proberly put it down again...

Friday, 9 October 2009

little manz represent....


this kids like 15 or some shit and has been ripping for a while now despite coming out of a little village that DNO was forced into being in..... and his got a good first name - the other ryan does some stuff...

its raining...

no skating 2day as winters starting to come in so more memorys of sunnier times (only a few weeks ago now) are in order...

little me ollies and gets an arm severed by weeds - photo: justin "jeffers" haynes...


heres jeffers on t'other side of the camera with a switch front shove and fakie ollie manny, so summery the nips have come out

Thursday, 8 October 2009

charlie todd (original dno crew member) bangs out a nollie b/s heels at napton skatepark, the best rubbish skatepark i've ever ridden...
me and that ledge that broke again, five-0 going down ways...
photography by justin "geoff" haynes; old school DNO head, photo taker, gnarler and all round good guy...

proposal for yellow type skate-able sculpture: development

just a quick mock-up of stuff i'm working on fo uni...more when there is some...

sexy tie dyed steez


tom sly shutupandskate boss let the pyramid in the city. of. villans. know, ollies and nollie biggies all up in this shizzel.... summer was good to us all this year...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

good skate parks and crap ones and productitivity


some footage of me skating the worst park in existance made slightly better by building a block - which broke...

also on the good skate park front theres a comp on at wednesfield plaza called battle of the black country on sat the 17th october - sick line up of british companies involved should be good - BE THERE!!!

school of art parked in t'wrong place

more of geoffs summertime shinanigans???? yea go on then...


geoff knows shit skateparks are good for hooking melons over...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

shit sly's doing right now....

shutupandskate are a new british skate co being brought to you straight outta stoke-on-trent by OG DNO head tom sly, all product is lovingly crafted by hand to the higest standard - check it out and support skater owned

shit geoff did over summer


this was sickness - f/s flip into a busy path and road...

who are ya???

these 5 guys were the original DNO (there we're many more guys involved too) about 8 years ago, we were a bunch of skateboarders from a village ( 3 villages actually) and we did shit; filmed, traveled, skated comps, organised comps, introduced kids to the world of tweeked ankles and free stickers

anyway we all moved on as people do, we're all still friends and still have varying amounts of involvement with wood planks and wheels, this here blog is to promote friends and each other and shit like that